Our Team

Ageing is inevitable, looking old is not.


Dr Monique van Dyk
GPSI Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Monique graduated from the University of Pretoria in 2004 as a medical practitioner. She holds a Certificate in Aesthetic Medicine from the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM) and is a member of the Aesthetic- and Anti-ageing Medicine Society of South Africa (AAAMSSA). She regularly attends advanced training courses and workshops to expand her knowledge and skill.

She is passionate about people and strives to help her patients appreciate their own unique beauty. By accentuating facial features, balancing proportions, softening the signs of ageing and improving on any imperfections, she aims to achieve natural looking results. Dr. Monique’s sincere and compassionate demeanor helps to put her patients at ease during their journey to youthfulness.

“When we feel great, we can face life’s hurdles with a little more confidence. Aesthetic Medicine has given me a platform to combine my love for medicine and art. I really believe in the work I do and love to play a part in slowing down the ageing process while keeping my patients looking youthful and healthier for longer. I want my patients to again fall in love with the person they see in the mirror. They deserve to shine brightly like the stars they are.”



Elsabé qualified as a Somatologist in 2007. She received a B.Com. Management degree in

She has worked in all fields of the beauty and skin care industry from being a therapist at top South African spas to business consultant for salon owners as well as being a salon owner herself.

Elsabé is known for her vibrant and caring personality. She has a passion for the human skin and nothing excites her more than when a client’s skin improves. She believes that skin care is not merely a “make-me-pretty” ritual but it’s an investment in your health and in yourself. By touching her clients’ skins, she often touches their hearts.

“My passion for skin care started with my own journey with acne. I understand the importance of the desire for beautiful skin. I feel privileged when a client trusts me to be a co-traveller on the road to their skin care goals. When a client’s skin improves to such an extent that they receive compliments from their friends and family, it gives me tremendous satisfaction. To me my client is not just another face on the bed but a person in whose life I want to make a difference.”