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Ageing is inevitable, looking old is not.

Neuromodulators (Such as Botox® or Dysport ®)

  • Anti-wrinkle injections
    Botulinum toxin is used to temporary relax specific target muscles to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles such as frown lines and laughing lines.
  • Hyperhidrosis/excessive sweating
    By injecting Botulinum toxin into the axillae or even the hands or feet, excessive sweating may be reduced dramatically.
  • Bruxism/jaw clenching
    Injecting Botulinum toxin relaxes the strong muscles responsible for jaw clenching and teeth grinding.

• Sessions needed: 1
• Treatment time: 30-40 minutes
• Duration of results: 3-4 months
• Recovery: 0 days
• Results visible: 3-7 days, optimal effect after 14 days
• Anaesthetic: none needed

Dermal Fillers

Hyaluronic acid fillers and biostimulators are used to enhance facial features by restoring volume loss, improving facial proportions and contours and lessen the appearance of lines and wrinkles. It is ideal to shape and plump lips, enhance cheeks and cheekbones, define the chin and jaw line and soften the appearance of deep, dark circles under the eyes.

Sessions needed: 1
• Treatment time: 30-60 minutes
• Duration of results:
— Lips & soft fillers: 6-9 months
— Other areas: 12-18 months
• Recovery: 0 days
• Results: immediately
• Anaesthetic: none/topical


A sclerosing solution is injected via a very fine needle into varicose veins and spider veins. It causes the vein to contract and the vein walls to stick to itself. Blood is then unable to flow through these veins.

• Sessions: 1-4
• Treatment time: 45-60 minutes per leg
• Duration of results: long term but approx. 30% chance of new veins forming over time
• Recovery: normal activities immediately

*No strenuous exercise for 2 weeks (walking is encouraged)
*Bandages or compression stockings to be worn for 2-7 days

• Results: gradual improvement over time (weeks to months)
• Anaesthetic: none


Natural death of the fat cell (fat apoptosis) is achieved by injecting a specific solution into fat pockets. This is not a weight loss treatment but it is rather used for shaping and contouring areas where fat is resistant to diet and exercise.

Sessions needed: 1-4
• Treatment time: 30-60 minutes
• Duration of results: long term if weight is maintained
• Recovery: 0-2 days
• Results visible: up to 2 weeks
• Anaesthetic: ice/topical/local


Platelets contain numerous growth factors which aids in wound healing and tissue regeneration. Blood is drawn from the patient which is then placed into a centrifuge to spin at very high speeds to separate the platelets (PRP) from the other blood cells. The platelet rich layer is reinjected into the patient’s own skin to rejuvenate the skin, the so called “Vampire facial”. It can also be used as part of a treatment plan for acne scarring, striae and alopecia (hair loss).

• Sessions needed: 2-8
• Treatment time: 90-120 minutes
• Duration of results: 6-12 months
• Recovery: 1-2 days
• Results visible:
• Anaesthetic: topical
Skin Treatments

Thread Lifting

Absorbable filaments (threads) are placed below the skin to stimulate collagen production, improve volume, smoothen wrinkles and to create a lifting effect. Threads are ideal to improve skin quality in the face, neck, décolleté area as well as the rest of the body. Sagging skin, such as jowls and nasolabial folds can be lifted while still looking natural. Threads can also be used to reshape and contour the nose.

• Sessions: 1-2
• Treatment time: 40-60 minutes
• Duration of results: 12-18 months
• Recovery: 0-1 day
• Results: 6-12 weeks
• Anaesthetic: none/local

Jett Plasma Medical

The Jett Plasma Medical Lift uses an electrical discharge to create plasma (ionized atmospheric gas). This plasma can be used to non-surgically lift the eye lids, improve smoker’s lines, tighten the skin and improve the appearance of striae and scars.

• Sessions needed: 2-3
• Treatment time: 60-90 minutes
• Duration of results: 2-4 years
• Recovery: 5-7 days, aftercare regime is compulsory
• Results visible: 6-12 weeks
• Anaesthetic: topical/local

Chemical Peels / Skin Resurfacing

The healing process in the skin is induced by applying a chemical solution to the skin. It improves skin texture by removing the damaged outer layers. In addition it stimulates the formation of new collagen improving skin quality. The result is smoother skin with a more even complexion. Chemical peeling and skin resurfacing are indicated for various skin concerns such as normal ageing, acne and hyperpigmentation.

• Sessions needed: 2-6
• Treatment time: 30-60 minutes
• Duration of results: 6-12 months
• Recovery: 0-3 days
• Results visible: 2 weeks
• Anaesthetic: none

Microneedling/ Dermapen

Without damaging or removing the skin, microneedling can be used to for the effective treatment of acne scars, stretch marks, skin tightening, pigmentation and wrinkles. Even wound healing can be stimulated through the use of microneedling.
Because your skin has self-healing qualities, the skin heals itself after the procedure and increases the production of collagen on its own. Minimal epidermal damage can be expected and there is no downtime for patients.

Sessions needed: 1-4
• Treatment time: 30-60 minutes
• Duration of results: long term if weight is maintained
• Recovery: 0-2 days
• Results visible: up to 2 weeks
• Anaesthetic: ice/topical/local

Skin Boosters

A soft gel containing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, is injected via multiple small injections directly into the skin. This hydrates and nourishes the skin from the inside resulting in a natural glow while gradually improving elasticity and skin quality.

• Sessions needed: 1-4
• Treatment time: 60 minutes
• Duration of results:
• Recovery: 0-2 days
• Results visible: 1 day
• Anaesthetic: topical


A small sterile blade is gently swiped across the face to remove old, dead skin cells and vellus hair. The skin instantly looks more radiant and smooth. Long term benefits include improvement of pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles as well as the stimulation of collagen.

• Sessions needed: 1
• Treatment time: 30-45 minutes
• Duration of results: 2-3 weeks
• Recovery: 0 days
• Results visible: immediately
• Anaesthetic: none

Professional Skin Care / Cosmeceuticals

A medical grade home skin care regime to preserve and correct skin for each client’s specific needs and budget.

• Sessions needed: daily home care regime


Pink Intimate System

Due to genetics, hormonal changes and normal ageing, the skin of the body’s intimate areas may darken over time and lose its suppleness. The Pink Intimate System is a solution that is applied directly to the skin where it has a lifting and whitening effect. It is suitable for use on the following areas: female genital area, perianal region, inguinal (bikini) area, armpits and areola of the breasts.

• Sessions needed: 5-6
• Treatment time: 60 minutes
• Duration of results:
• Recovery: 1-5 days
• Results visible: 1 week
• Anaesthetic: none

DNA Testing


A DNA sample is taken from the inside of your mouth with a cotton swab. It is then sent to a laboratory for analysing. DNA profiling can help us understand an individual’s genetic makeup and guide us in optimizing personalized treatment strategies.